Looking for 1/43 figures for American WW2 soldiers

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Looking for 1/43 figures for American WW2 soldiers

Post by Lee Bishop » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:12 am

I am looking for a good source of WW2 AMERICAN soldiers in 1/43 scale. 1/48 just doesn’t look right, as I have assembled/painted a grouping of GIs and they looked like kids on my layout alongside the other figures and vehicles I have. They’re no good to me.
I cannot find any good source for 1/43 WW2 US soldiers at all. I’ve searched online extensively, including Shapeways (the closest I could find was a group of Naval officers and sailors in dungarees, but that doesn’t work, either).
My layout really can use some GIs for the foreground as I have a RR Operating Unit HQ and it looks odd to just have the vehicles sitting outside their day room but not a single GI in sight.
FYI, I have zero use for toy-like stuff. Some of you know how much a stickler for authenticity I am, as it extends to 1:1 scale stuff as well:
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