Daimler engine oil laks

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Daimler engine oil laks

Post by Paul Randazzo » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:22 am

Hello all,

I'm presently working on a Dingo Scout Car and need information about crank shaft seals. We are having a leakage problem from the oil pan gasket, timing case cover gasket, oil pump gasket and crank shaft as well. I see the crank shaft has a spiral cut groove to direct the oil back into the sump the same spiral cut on vibration damper. Could it be possible that too much oil is remaining in the sump when the engine is running and not enough is being scavenged out to the tank? I am looking for a good place to find gaskets and also the rubber seal that is fitted to the back side of the vibration damper that rides against the timing case cover (see attached photo). We pulled the pan and disassembled the oil pumps and found no wear. We do have work shop and parts manuals. Both have been somewhat helpful but not so comprehensive. Trying to translate the King's English to what we yanks would call part names has been a bit of a challenge too. It's all been fun though. Any and all information will be helpful. When we get this done we'll go after the differential gear boxes, they're all leaking too. Many thanks in advance.

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