Bevier Bivouac: August 2018 in Missouri

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Bevier Bivouac: August 2018 in Missouri

Post by MAJ Tim » Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:59 am

The Bevier Bivouac is a military vehicle event on August 10-11-12. It consists of camping, trail rides and a parade. It is a very informal laid back event. The only event with a schedule is the parade, which happens at noon on Saturday the 11th of August. The webpage about the event is located here: ... er-bivouac

The event is limited to the first 25 Military Vehicles that register. We are only limiting the number of vehicles, not passengers. The event is open to all military vehicles, including M-series and modern MV's.

Bevier, Missouri is located in the middle of North Central Missouri, with the event site being located about 10 miles off Highway 36.

The Bevier Bivouac is an event that has been occurring since 2014 although it’s just been a low key event done among the Railsplitters Living History Company and friends. We decided to open it it up to others this year.

Please review the webpage and if you can attend, please sign up.


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