G529 Willys MB-T January 1943 Restoration

For posting of Trailer, Towed Artillery and Hand Carts. As Found, Restored or Present Condition
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Re: G529 Willys MB-T January 1943 Restoration

Post by Chance » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:09 am

Thank you for your help Ray.
I've hit the limit on hours spent trying to track down foundry marks or contract information that is related.

I have my house to start siding before I know it it will be snowing!

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70th Division
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Re: G529 Willys MB-T January 1943 Restoration

Post by 70th Division » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:01 am

Yes Chance,

Get that siding on, beat the snow and winter weather !!

I am almost done with my jeep barn project.
It takes all my spare time, but well worth every minute of it, and I highly enjoy it :D :D :D
I will have something that will protect my jeeps in all weather conditions !!
Working in the Florida blistering heat and humidity is something one gets used to, but you must drink a lot of water !!
This summer has been Hot !!!!!
I will make a post on it when done with progress pictures and the jeeps I have in there already.
Soon I will be back to my jeep restorations and preserving them for the future, and my MBT trailer too.

Best Regards,


Chuck Lutz
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Re: G529 Willys MB-T January 1943 Restoration

Post by Chuck Lutz » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:31 am

The lunettes found on the MBTs generally have either a "A 6370" or just the "6370" in some instances, followed by the "WO" and a "/" or other icon.There are also various casting letters found before/after/above that which probably indicated an identifier to the mfger.

I looked at a slew of lunette pics for the MBT and could not find any with that marking preceding the part number in hopes of finding a better image that would be clearer to enable us to confirm something out of Chrysler or any other foundry in the Toledo or Ohio area in general. If I had a better pic that would be possible...
Chuck Lutz

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